As a new blogger I feel I should really introduce myself; I’m Caitlin, an aspiring historian with a keen interest in modern history, collecting militaria and other antiques, and historical-style fashion. I plan to write about my collections, new finds, interesting parts of history and experiences I have relating to the field. I hope you will enjoy my blog! 

To start, I thought I could do a show-and-tell of my current (small but treasured) militaria collection. 

These are my Vietnam war protest pins, from student unions in the late 60’s to early 70’s.

This is (what I was told is) a NLF battle flag, dated to 1969, however I have some suspicions it could have been made as a souvenir but I will never know its true origin.Epaulettes from the Red Army.My geiger counter, the Radiac Meter No.2 (and No.1), British made from 1957. This model would have been issued to Civil Defense corps.


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